In the kitchen: Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls isn’t just a bread, it’s a carb-n-sugar dream made of everything that’s right with this world. I remember my first time tasting a cinnamon roll, biting into that soft, yeasty bread that’s slathered with cinnamon sugar and cream cheese frosting. And as with everything that I love eat, I set out on the (long procrastinated) journey of trying them out in the kitchen.

IMGP3150 IMGP3148 IMGP3147

This is my second attempt making these, and unsurprisingly these good-looking rolls still fell short of the mark. I went for allrecipes’s “Cinnamon Rolls II” recipe since it doesn’t call for a bread machine, which I hoped I had had but sane enough to realize I didn’t. It received such winged comments that I was adamant my rolls would turn out absolutely heavenly! In reality, mine smelled great coming out of the oven, but didn’t deliver a satisfactory taste. Instead of turning out soft, buttery rolls, I just baked a bunch of sad-tasting cinnamon rolls whose crust is more on the hard side and feels rather dry. Maybe I didn’t knead the dough well enough, or I was lacking the right amount of yeast.

IMGP3153 IMGP3154

Here’s the ALLRECIPES recipe for those who want to try it out. I would recommend putting some water in the oven while baking to prevent the rolls from drying, which I only came up with after the failure of my deceptive-looking rolls:


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