Laduree: We’re here for macarons

Compared to Francois Payard, Laduree sure has an advantage in terms of location and popularity. Not just bigger, Laduree has a beautifully designed, almost Marie-Antoinette interior that appeals to our love of anything royal. The display cases are filled with gorgeous pastries, ranging from berry entremet to an assortment of macarons. Remember to bring your glasses, ’cause these pastries are d-a-z-z-l-i-n-g !

IMGP2521 IMGP2523 IMGP2530 IMGP2535 IMGP2539 IMGP2540 IMGP2542

Look at that perfecttt berry glaze and elegant use of berries on these entremets, wow,… just wow

IMGP2544 IMGP2546 IMGP2548

The macaron display case can be your lover and your enemy. I came into the shop thinking I’ll buy only one, and ended up struggling to stop myself from ordering a box of 12 (as most people did). In the end, I decided on three flavors: lemon, raspberry, and dark chocolate.

IMGP2550 IMGP2552

My friends prefer their macarons to Francois Payard’s saying it has a more interesting kick of flavor. I gotta admit their lemon macaron was exceptional, with a very fresh, citrus-y lemon taste which balances off the natural cloying sweetness of macaron. Dark chocolate was also a favorite, with a smooth, slightly bitter, and velvety chocolate ganache filling. Compared to the other two, Laduree’s raspberry macaron just felt a bit short, both of flavor and excitement.

However, I personally prefer F.P’s flaky, chewy macaron shells to Laduree’s flatter and softer ones. On the other hand, Laduree offers a more diverse and interesting selection of flavors and had relatively better fillings. I don’t have enough experience with macaron, both in eating and baking, to say for sure which one had the better texture, but overall, both were good in their own ways and worthy of a second visit.

  • Laduree
    398 W Broadway St
    New York, NY 10012

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